Welcome to the official site of Perstorp Sdn. Bhd. A leading producer and suppliers of waste handling systems in Malaysia and South East Asia. Perstorp offers mobile garbage bins, wheelie bins, litter bins and variety of waste containers. We are delighted to have you visit our company web page. Please feel free to browse our products and services that we have to offer.

Perstorp Sdn. Bhd.  was set up in Malaysia as of 1998, is a manufacturer and distributor of material handling products. The company has been built around two core businesses, providing systems for material handling and waste handling. The products constitute parts of returnable systems, and are recyclable. Perstorp has achieved a market leading position in the niches through its focus on quality, durability, and smooth functionality.

Waste Handling in Malaysia

Perstorp has been actively involved in waste handling products in Malaysia since 1993. Our Many years of experience in Europe and responsiveness to today’s environmentally conscious world have given us unique competence in the field of waste handling.

Perstorp manufactures products for different requirements of waste handling. Our products are result of many years of experience from injection molding.  The technology behind the waste handling products is the result of years of experience in Europe.

Injection Moulding 

Perstorp wheel bins (MGB Bins) are made of 100% high density polyethylene using the latest injection moulding technology. This makes our bins durable enough to last for years, even when exposed to harsh weathers.

Perstorp wheel bins are produced with  UV-stabilised high density polyethylene and are available in different sizes. The shape, size and placement of the wheels are based thorough ergonomics studies. As a result, the bins are easy to move, empty and clean. All products produced meet the international standard requirement and tested in accordance to DIN standards.

Our wheel bins can also be produced in various colours in order meet the different requirement of our customers. Perstorp also offers customised graphics designs for its wheel bins for the use of recycling and separation of various types of waste.

MGB120L Two Wheel Bin in Various colours


For an economic answer to improving the environment, change to Perstorp wheeled bins.

All economic calculations prove that waste handling with wheeled bins quickly becomes economically superior to other systems. Wheeled bins are also well suited to the increasing interest in the recycling of waste. Wheeled plastic waste containers facilitate the handling of refuse, sorting, etc. Furthermore, they reduce the risk of injury to personnel by eliminating cuts and stab injuries, while removing the burden of heavy lifting. For households and other users; waste disposal becomes cleaner and easier.

Rotation Moulding 

Perstorp’s rotation moulded bins are also made using 100% high density polyethylene and made to withstand harsh weather conditions.  The only drawback that comes from the rotation moulding process is the speed of production, compared to the injection moulding counterpart which is able to produce one unit within 2~2 minutes. Rotation moulded bins can only be produced at a speed of 2 units for every 40 minutes. However despite its shortcoming in  production time, rotation moulded bin make up their advantage in more economical moulds, this means more designs can be made at a lower cost.

Product Quality Test and Development

High quality and products with a long life is the main focus for Perstorp line of products. Continuous monitoring of the processes and performance testing guarantee high quality of the manufactured products. An active product development co-operation with the market enables us to always try to be one step ahead

Customer Service

Our total quality dictates that we are not only a manufacturer and supplier. Co-operation with us is very much more. We assist with consumer information, marketing, problem solving, evaluation, etc. Together we create a functional waste handling, either through-customised systems or individual products. With our trade knowledge and your requirements and experiences together, work out exactly the specifications to suit your waste handling situation.


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