Clinical Waste Bins for Covid-19

Perstorp over the years has expanded its business towards and has developed a better waste solution in handling of clinical (medical) waste in Malaysia. Perstorp has now become one of the top choices for waste collectors, hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities to source for clinical bins.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone and with the rise of COVID-19 cases globally, we set out to meet the expectations of the market. The surge in medical and clinical wastes meant that there was a need for more bins as well as new model for handling and huge amount of disposable gloves, faces masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our MGB660MW at the Kualiti Alam Incinerator Plant
Range of pedal bins

Our larger bins such as the MGB240MW and MGB660MW are primarily used by waste collectors such as Kualiti Alam or Radicare to transport pathogenic, clinical wastes and quarantined materials from health facilities to the incineration plants. All of our bins come with specially equipped locks to prevent any forms of spillage during transportation. This is to ensure the outmost safety of all the workers.