Improved MGB660 Four Wheel Bins

We are extremely excited about our newly improved design to the already successful MGB660. We made the bin stronger with computer aided design, reinforced the lids as well as the structure of base. The new and improved MGB660 is manufactured in the standard green however other colour options is available upon request.

Currently our MGB660 Four Wheel Bin is widely used in urban areas where waste is pilled up from commercial units such as restaurants, hotels and cafes. The bins come with a drainage hole to ensure that there is not an overflow of leachate, and users can easily drain the bins before waste collectors come to dispose of the rubbish.

New improvements have been made to the handles of the MGB660 to help users move these large bins more smoothly. There are 2 handles on both sides as well as the back of the bin. The front portion of the bin now houses the strengthened comb lifter socket which insures a safer integration when using EN1501 standard lifter.

The four wheels bins are made to be stackable even after assembly which means means that the waste collectors require far less space to store the bins before they are distributed out.

The MGB660 bins are also easy to handle, they can be lifted with the assistance of a forklift or can be pushed as the wheels are made to absorb a high amount of weight.

MGB660 being delivered to Alam Flora warehouse

Our bins are manufactured in South Korea using fully automated system to ensure consistency in the finished product as well as greater safety aspects. Our MGB660 adhere to the global standard of EN840 and are tested in Europe.

MGb660 with serial numbers

Customization of bins can be arranged with either company logos, serial numbers or QR tracking markings. Large colour decals can also be printed on these bins for recycling bin purposes.

We continue to strive to improve our products and learning from our shortcomings, this is a philosophy which Perstorp holds very dearly.