MGB1100 Four Wheel Bin

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Superior material quality and workmanship, user friendly: these are the outstanding features of the wheeled bin

The MGB 1100 Four-wheel Bin,  high quality wheelie bin made out of a high quality HDPE. The lid and body and wheels have solid rubber wheels meaning they are very hard wearing and also prevent damage by preventing shocks to the chassis. These bins are perfect for material handling and waste solutions. Our MGB110L complies with conforms to EN840-1

Product Feature

  • International Standard (Certified according to EN 840)
  • Interior & exterior surface by hygienic design
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Highly durable up to 30 degree below zero and more
  • Smoothly designed interior ensures optimum emptying and easy cleaning
  • Edge prevents rainwater from penetrating
  • Deeper combs ensure optimum accommodation by the lifting device
  • Standard colors: Green


  • Solid rubber tires
  • Diameter: 200mm
  • Wheel rotation of 360 degrees
  • Wheel foot breaking system ( 2 units)
  • High stability
  • Efficient corrosion protection


  • Material : HDPE
  • Dimension (unit : mm)
Width (mm) 1360
Length (mm) 1070
Height (mm) 1360
Weight (kg) 59 ±2%
Volume (liters) 1,100

Temperature Range: -40°C ─ + 80°C
Max Load: 500kg

MGB1100L Four Wheel Bin

MGB1100 colour variant