MGB1100-R Recycle Bin

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Volume: 1100 litre

• Perstorp wheeled bins are manufactured according to DIN 30700 / EN 840
• To be emptied by tipping over a toothed rim as a standard feature
• Manufactured from new material only
• Resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals,
• Smooth-running casters with solid rubber tyres
• Solid galvanised steel axle
• Embossing, hot stamping and screen printing options are available
• Prepared to accommodate data carriers
• Available in all colours required
• When service life ends the complete containers can be recycled.

Width (mm) 1360
Length (mm) 1070
Height (mm) 1360
Weight (kg) 59 ±2%
Volume (liters) 1100


Temperature Range: -40°C ─ + 80°C
Max Load: 500kg

MGB1100-R Four Wheel Recycling Bins