MGB120LS Two Wheel Bin

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The new MGB120LS Two Wheel Bin is designed for security, with the fundamental design providing easy, safe and secure storage for all types of sensitive or classified documents. The MGB120LS is a one of a kind wheel bin equipped with 2 security locks to prevent classified documents being tampered with. The bin also comes with an additional security feature where a security seal can be placed to add to the security functionality of the bin. The paper slot is also fitted with an anti-tampering mechanism which prevents theft through the slot.

Graphics on the bins can be customized to suit customers, and the bin comes in various colours (special colours can be requested). Please talk to our sales department for further information.

  • Bin comes with 2 locks on each side
  • Locks are fitted with a master key system for efficient usage
  • Bins can be customized with graphic on the sides and the top
  • Envelope slot on top of the bin makes it easy to dispose of sensitive documents, and also with a security flap installed ensures unwanted tampering.