MGB120WP Step-On Bin

The MGB120WP two wheel bin with step on is our latest product which features a unique designed pedal to ease the users especially in the F&B industry

  • Easy & smoothly opening the lid with a foot pedal.
  • Hygienic exhaust the food waste because the lid can be opened without using hands
  • No splashing of dirt because the lid closes slowly and gently with the use of a damper
  • Durable components of the foot pedal device with special reinforced plastic
  • Lids can be completely opened and turned over backward with the hands, causing no trouble during collection by vehicles
  • Edge prevents rainwater from penetrating
  • Easily maneuverable for transport and discharge
    – Solid rubber tires
    – Diameter: 200mm
    – High stability
    – Efficient corrosion protection
    – Food waste for public restaurant
    – Recyclable waste for household
    – General garbage for public place
    – Material : HDPE
    – Dimension (unit : mm)

    Width 480
    Length 560
    Height 925
    Weight (kg) 13.0 ±2%
    Volume (liters) 120