RMP4090 Recycling Bin

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The RMP4090 Recycling Bin are one of the more unique designs when it comes to recycling bins. We have designed these recycling bins to be stylish and yet durable, with customized graphics the bins are perfect for any shopping mall, airport, school, hospital, government building and parks.


Dimensions: 395 (Ø) x 965 (H) mm

Volume: 106 Liters

Service Life
Made from High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
stabilized against UV degradation,
resists common chemical products
and extreme temperatures


Rotation molded HDPE
with UV-Stabilizer,
Stainless Steel.

Temperature range: -40°C ─ + 80°C


– High durability
– Easy maintenance
– Modern design
– Withstand adverse weather conditions

The RMP4090 has a sister model (RMP4091) that uses the same body but has a flat top with openings on the side of the body instead.


*Optional metal liners are available: