RSS1004-Trio Stainless Steel Recycling Bin

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The RSS1004-Trio Stainless Steel Recycling Bin set can be customized with different colours and designs for different types of waste categories.

Dimensions (mm) : 380 (L) x 230 (W) x 740 (H) mm per bin
Weight : 5.5 kg±
Volume : 37 litres/inner liner
  • Suitable for both outdoor & indoor areas like building entrances, atriums, lift lobbies, supermarkets, shopping centres, food courts, building corridors, restaurants, schools, etc
  • Fire-resistant
  • Versatile, durable, attractive design & superior quality of stainless steel
  • Liquid leak free bins for least hygienic maintenance

Kindly speak to our sales team to find our more about the customization options of this bin.