The Problem With Malaysian 3R Bins

We are not sure if the standard actually exists or it was just a suggestion made by the government decades ago. However according to the blog written by the Waste Association of Malaysia, recycling bins in Malaysia should be separated into 3 bins. We however find this completely and utterly incompetent as well as outdated.

We believe the idea was stirred up by the the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle theme which grew prominently in the 90s. However just because it is based around 3Rs does not mean there should only be 3 bins for separation of waste. The idea of dumping plastic and metals into the same bin is counter intuitive as this defeats the idea of separation at source. It also two of the most of common recyclable wastes placed into one bin which means it will be overflowing in no time.

The other problem that quickly becomes apparent are the locks fitted to the lids which hinders the ability of to place large amounts of recyclables and forces people to individually place the items into the small envelope slot one at a time. There is really no need for the bins to be locked as if the bins were filled with gold or silver.

Here is a short video which highlights the problems of the 3R Recycling Bins, hopefully other manufacturers and traders will take note and stop the use of these bins move on to other models which give a better experience to the users. Here are Perstorp we do our best to ensure there is a wide selection of recycling bins to choose from. Ranging from smaller sized bins that can fit under the desk, to large industrial sized bins. We have it here