Perstorp Visit to Korea

We recently travelled to South Korea to have a better look at the new factory that our partners at Otto Korea had built. It was an eye opening experience where we got to see the latest in wheel bin manufacturing and also a glimpse of their upcoming range of waste bins that are set to be deployed this year.

In order to speed up manufacturing and ensuring a higher consistency in the finished products, robots have been deployed in the factory.

The floor of the factory was one of the highlights of the interior alongside the massive injection moulding machines, which are capable of churning out bins at an astonishing rate.

The interior of a injection moulding machine

A birds eye view of the factory compound here below shows the factory nested beautifully in the lush forest and mountain surrounding. The factory is located not too far from the capital city of Seoul and Incheon International Airport but still manages to be far enough from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Just walking around the factory compound gives a very calming feel as you feel the nature being very close.

A stunning birds eye view of the factory.

Here are more stunning photos of the layout of the factory which is superbly arranged to maximise space and create a very clean working environment.

This will be a very brief post however stay tuned to this space as we add more media in weeks to come.